Do  You Know How Healthy You Are?  Want To Find Out?

Have an Antioxidant Scan

It's quick and easy.  You just place your hand on the scanner and it gives you a reading in 30 seconds!

"The higher your antioxidant levels are, the healthier you will be"

 Why do I need to be aware of my antioxidant levels?

Every day your body gets exposed to pollution, sun, unbalanced diets, mental stress, smoking, lack of exercise and body fat.

This leads to the formation of free radicals in your body. Free radicals damage your cells and lead to disease and premature ageing.   

You need antioxidants to eliminate the free radicals that occur through everyday living before they damage you. Whilst the body produces some antioxidants, you need more ideally through eating fruit and vegetables

Unfortunately, most people aren't eating healthily enough to produce sufficient antioxidants to fight the free radicals they are being exposed to.

Increasing your antioxidant levels is the BEST preventative thing you can do to reduce the likelihood of disease and premature aging later in life!


How can I increase my antioxidant levels?

Ideally you would eat a totally organic diet and obtain all your food from a local farm as the nutritional content of your food deteriorates during transportation and handling, especially when it is shipped overseas.

The only other way is through taking high quality nutritional supplements.  

But, how do you know if what you are taking, is having any effect?

There has been no way of knowing ... until now

How can I find out what my current antioxidant levels are? 

I scan you using a non-invasive and easy tool called the Biophotonic Scanner and tell you your current levels of antioxidants based on your diet from 3-6 weeks ago.   

It is more accurate than a blood or urine test!



(instead of £40)

with FREE advice on how to increase your antioxidant levels 

What does the scanner do?

The Scanner is a revolutionary tool which measures the current carotenoid antioxidant levels in your skin based on your current diet and any supplements you take. 

How does it work? 

You simply place the palm of your hand in front of the Scanner's safe, low-energy blue light, and in just 90 seconds you will obtain an immediate reading. 

The Scanner provides a more accurate and reliable biomarker of your overall antioxidant health status than other methods of measuring antioxidants (including blood and urine tests). 

Getting your Skin Carotenoid Score makes you aware of the antioxidant levels in your body and gives you the push you need to improve your overall antioxidant health

I will advise you what you need to do to increase your levels. You can then have regular scans to check the effectiveness that changes in your diet/supplements have had in improving your overall antioxidant health! 

You will be able to see the difference it is making!