Adopt Healthy Eating Principles One Step At A Time

Posted by Sarah Cox on Monday, April 28, 2014 Under: nutrition
Becoming a totally healthy eater is unlikely to happen overnight as it takes time to change habits, learn what foods you need to eat to be healthy and introduce all the principles into your diet. It's great if you can do it, but it's unrealistic for most people. 


It's more likely that you will implement the healthy eating principles I'm sharing with you over a period of time. Most diets want you to make significant changes to your normal eating patterns and foods for a limited period of time and then afterwards you go back to eating normally again and regain any weight you lost. By adopting healthy eating principles over a period of time, you are more likely to adopt them as a lifestyle and not a temporary diet fix. 


Most diets want you to 'give up' your favourite foods to reach your ideal weight and good health.  By following my healthy eating principles, you don't need to give up anything! My philosophy is about lifestyle change rather than crash dieting. Living the life you want to live may require you to focus more on certain healthy foods over others, but does not require you to give up every food you love. So you can still have chocolate and wine; the difference will be that you will know how to fit them into your meals whilst still reaching and/or maintaining a healthy weight.  


Don't worry if you can't do everything every day and certainly don't give up or throw in the towel if you stray off course. This is not about all or nothing; it's about implementing each principle the best you can, each and every day.

My advice is to take charge of your health and your weight one step at a time. If you do what you can in the short term, the principles will become a permanent part of your lifestyle in the long term. One small change at a time is the best way to go to finding a new sense of health and vitality. Not only will you feel great, you will be able to keep the weight off permanently, once and for all.

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