Eating Healthy vs Unhealthy Food

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The best advice I can give you to start with in terms of nutrition is simply to choose the best foods available. If it's natural, so it grows or occurs in nature, then eat it.  If it's artificial, don't eat it.  Wherever possible, I would recommend eating organic produce.  I know it's more expensive and this may be an issue depending on your food budget, but my view is that the health benefits far outweigh the cost. I'll write more about organic produce and the benefits of it in a future newsletter. 

Natural foods include fresh, whole fruit and vegetables, unroasted nuts, whole seeds and grains, unprocessed fats, dairy and meat products.  Artificial foods include pre-packaged meals, frozen meals, biscuits, cakes, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup. 

Watch out for packaged foods which are marketed as healthy, as they often actually include artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup. Next time you buy something prepackaged, which you think is healthy, such as cereal and cereal bars, have a look at the ingredients listed on the packet.  You might be surprised by how many so-called healthy foods contain these unhealthy ingredients.  If it does, put it back on the shelf and find a healthier alternative. 

Why is this so important? Because the body responds differently to natural and artificial foods.  It has to work out which is the good stuff it needs and which is the bad stuff it doesn't need. It then absorbs the nutrients from the good stuff and filters out the chemicals and artificial substances through the bloodstream. 

If your body has too much of the bad stuff to deal with and spends most of its time dealing with this, it can't then effectively process the healthy nutrients and fats. If it can't process the nutrients and fats that your body needs, you will gain weight and find it very hard to lose it. 

Anything that your body does not recognise as a natural source of food, it treats as a toxin. It stores toxins in fat cells and the more fat cells you've got, the more toxins it can store. Stored toxins cause your cells and organs to work inefficiently and eventually can lead to disease. 

When you start eating healthier foods, you consume fewer toxins.  Then the body doesn't need as much fat to store them in so it will start to let go of the fat. This then leads to fat loss and hence weight loss and also a healthy body with much reduced risk of disease later in life. 

So, to achieve an ideal weight and healthy body it is vital to eat only natural, unprocessed foods from now on.

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