Eating Organic Food: Part 1

Posted by Sarah Cox on Monday, April 28, 2014 Under: nutrition

In this article, I am going to talk about and recommend eating organic food, wherever possible. It is much better for your health and should be part of your healthy lifestyle. 


Let's start with defining exactly what organic food is. It is food grown or raised without the use of synthetic (chemically formulated) pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilizers. Organic farming allows foods to grow in nature as they were intended.


Conventional farmers spray huge amounts of pesticides a year on crops to compensate for poor farming practices. And those pesticides end up in our food supply! 


Cattle in the wild eat grass but commercially bred cattle are fed low-quality grains to make them fat. As they aren't designed to eat grains they become ill and are then fed antibiotics, which we then consume when we eat beef!


Most chickens and pigs in commercial "factory" farms are raised in extremely small cages and rarely see the light of day. They are fed a constant supply of antibiotics and growth hormones to speed growth, keep them alive, and fend off disease. 


The animal that becomes your meal can only be as good and as healthy as the food that it was fed. In the same way that you can only be as healthy as the food you eat: Remember, you are what you eat! 


Anything which is toxic to the body, like pesticides, upsets the liver so it becomes clogged up, which makes weight loss difficult.  Pesticide residues also build up on the intestinal wall, inhibiting the absorption and digestion of nutrients from the food you eat. 


The more chemicals and toxins that we are exposed to, the worse our health becomes. Therefore, eating organic food is much better for your health.


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