How to Get in the Right Frame of Mind

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Achieving success with weight-loss and healthy eating takes more than just following nutritional information; it also takes getting in the right state of mind.


As all of our actions are governed by our thoughts and if it is true that thoughts create reality, then it is important to create an environment that will support your success.  Here are a few things you can do to create a strong, positive foundation that will help you achieve your health and weight-loss goals.


Clear Your Mind

Clear your mind of all media information and hype. This means not believing everything you hear from health and nutrition experts on TV and radio and in magazines and books. Forget all the other diets that you've tried. If old habits keep bringing you to the same place - overweight, unhealthy, or unhappy - then you need to change your approach.


Believe in What You Are Doing

To be successful, you need to believe in yourself. You can change your habits. You can feel great. You can change your health and your weight.  When you begin to make a lifestyle change, you will encounter people who will try to sabotage your new healthy habits. People will say, "Go on, one won't kill you" or "Eating like that is no fun."  Truly believe in your new way of life and what you are doing for yourself, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 


Set Goals and Positive Affirmations

Before you start making the food and lifestyle changes I'm recommending, choose three or more of your goals and turn them into positive statements.  These will then motivate you to stick to your new eating habits. 


Examples could be:

  • I can achieve a healthy lifestyle.
  • Eating fresh, wholesome food makes me look and feel great. 
  • I have time in my day to take care of myself by going for a 30 minute walk. 

As with your goals, it is best to write these positive statements down and keep them somewhere visible, e.g. as a bookmark, stuck to the bathroom mirror, on the fridge. Ideally review your goals and repeat your statements at the start and end of each day. 


Eliminate Negative Thinking

You need to free yourself from any negative thinking. If you ever think, "What's the use? I'll only gain it back anyway," then stop that thought. From this point on, replace each negative thought with a positive one. The moment you find yourself thinking, "I know I'm going to fail," try instead, "I know I can successfully change my eating habits and my life." If you repeat this statement often enough, you will begin to feel more positive and confident about your efforts to adopt a new healthy lifestyle.


Commit Yourself to Doing the Work

Think about your biggest accomplishment to date. What did it take for you to achieve that goal: months of overtime to achieve a promotion at work? countless hours helping your children learn a new skill? years of practice to become successful at a sport or hobby? Accomplishing anything requires a great deal of hard work, commitment, and dedication. Think about all those people winning medals at the Olympics - they wouldn't have won without their hard work, commitment and dedication. Achieving your health and lifestyle goals will also require work. Remember, I'm advocating begin a healthy eater for life rather than adopting a quick-fix diet that only works in the short-term. Work hard at it and you will see results.


Don't underestimate the power of setting goals and making positive affirmations to help your achieve what you want to achieve. Work hard, stick with it and you'll get there! 

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