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                                           ✓  What thing we do naturally that you need to do more effectively
✓  What you probably aren't having enough of
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I help people who have little current knowledge about nutrition but want to eat more healthily and are determined to lose some weight, fit better into their clothes and/or lead a more healthy lifestyle.  

Have you tried dieting, only to find all the weight comes back on?

Think you are eating healthily, but just want to check?

Finding your weight is going up as you get older but don't know why?

Confused by all the information provided by the media and not be sure what is good and bad to eat?


Learn how to:

  • lose weight and keep it off WITHOUT dieting or counting calories! 
  • make eating healthily part of your normal lifestyle, so it's just something you do every day.

Do you need some help with understanding:

✓  Why dieting doesn't work
✓  How to lose weight without counting calories
✓  What you should eat and what you should avoid
✓  What foods and nutrients your body needs and why
  The difference between fats, carbohydrates and proteins
✓  How much water to drink
✓  How much exercise to do?

 I offer healthy eating, nutrition and weight management advice through:

✓  1:1 nutrition consultations and programmes
  Small group nutrition consultations and programmes
✓  My book: The Nutrition Diet Solution (this will be launched online, as an e-book)
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Are You Unhappy With The Way You Look?

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