Come To A Taster Pilates For Mums Class

                                        LIMITED TIME OFFER:   **£10* instead of the normal price of £15

Does your body feel out of shape?

Is your back aching from being pregnant or lifting up your baby?

Do you want to do something purely for yourself in a fun and friendly environment?

Pilates is perfect for mums of all ages and stages

Pre-natal, Post-natal and Beyond...

Pre-natal Pilates isafe and recommended throughout pregnancy. I adapt the exercises for you as your baby grows and your body changes. 

Post-natal Pilates is recommended for you within 6 weeks of a natural birth or 12 weeks post Caesarian.  You just need to have a check up with your GP or midwife first and get their ok to exercise

And Beyond Pilates... Once your baby goes to nursery or if you already have children at school, come along to my general classes.  

I have a "Pilates For Mums" Class in Balham on Thursdays at 11.15am.   

If this isn't the best time for you, have a look at the other days, times, locations and choose the best one for you. 

                          Whether you are a pre-natal mum-to-be, a post-natal mum or a mum with children at home, nursery or school, Pilates is a great form of exercise for you.

It improves your posture, body awareness and flexibility and gives you some much needed time to yourself.

Within 2-3 weeks you will notice a difference between what you could do in your first session and what you can do now.  

Watch and feel your body change as you progress and get stronger!