Pilates is safe and effective

Pilates has lots of benefits whatever your age, fitness level and ability  


You'll use your whole body and focus on balance, agility and posture 

Your body awareness, posture and muscle tone will improve as well as the way you move your body

You'll learn to move certain parts of your body whilst keeping other parts still

You'll learn to activate your deep core muscles to prevent stress on your joints and to help your muscles function better

You'll get a strong centre to keep your body stable and supported 

If you sit for most of the day, it affects your posture.

You were designed to move.

If you don't, you get stiff, tight, aches and pains.

As you age, moving gets less easy.

If you don't have flexibility and balance, your body won't function properly.

This will then show up somewhere in your body at some point.

Without a strong core, you end up tighten some areas and weak in others AND prone to injury.

If you can't touch your toes, then you're already less flexible than you should be.

If you have back, hip or knee pain, poor posture, lack of mobility or flexibility,

Then it's likely that you've got poor core strength, weak pelvic floor muscles and/or a weak back. 

Pilates strengthens all these muscles to prevent and relieve pain.

It helps prevent joint issues so that you can look, feel and move better

 By targeting and strengthening core muscles, Pilates:

                                          ✓ Provides relief from back and joint pain
                                          ✓ Increases flexibility and mobility
                                          ✓ Increases strength
                                          ✓ Improves posture
                                          ✓ Improves the pelvic floor
                                          ✓ Keeps your back flexible and strong
                                          ✓ Returns the body to its natural position
                                          ✓ Tones and shapes the body

                                             Other benefits include:

                                             ✓ A feeling of wellbeing and calmness
                                             ✓ Relaxation
                                             ✓ Stress relief
                                             ✓ Better balance and co-ordination
                                             ✓ Reduced aches and pains
                                             ✓ Deep and efficient breathing

Pilates really is a great form of exercise for everyone.  

It helps prevent lower back pain and is recommended by many medical practitioners, especially Physiotherapists, in rehabilitation programmes. 

It can support a weight loss programme by helping to convert fat into muscle, which will burn more calories.

How Do You Feel After Doing Pilates?

"Feel good", "More energised", "Stretched and toned", "Can see and feel the difference Pilates is making to my body", "More flexible', "My tummy feels less flabby", "My posture is better". 

So, if you want to LOOK, FEEL and MOVE better, give PILATES a try!

  "In ten sessions you'll feel the difference, 

in twenty sessions you'll see the difference and 

in thirty you'll have a whole new body"

Joseph Pilates (the creator of Pilates, picture at age 57 and age 82)

Pilates improved my posture and balance

"I love Sarah's Pilates classes, as she brings so much variety in the different positions which really build up your core strength and fitness.  Pilates for me has really improved my posture and balance, and I feel so much more toned. Sarah's classes are so worth while, I've loved every minute!" 

 Willa, Earlsfield