Come To A Taster Postnatal Pilates Class  **£10**

                     Is your back hurting?  Want a flatter stomach?  Stronger pelvic floor?

                                                     Want to Get Your Shape Back?


Are you a Postnatal Mum?
Is your body out of shape after having your baby? 
Have you got a post-baby belly?
Have your hips and legs got bigger?
Are you suffering from back pain?


                                 My clients come to me with all these problems, and more, and want to get them sorted out.  They want to:

 Get back into shape so they can fit into their jeans they used to wear 

  Regain their core strength

  Get their abdominal muscles knitted back together following pregnancy

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   Get Your Body Back After Pregnancy With Small And Relaxed 

Pilates Classes Designed Especially For YOU!

From about 6 weeks after giving birth, or longer depending on your experience and how you're feeling, you may feel it is time to do some gentle exercises

Pregnancy leads to weakened abdominal, core and pelvic floor muscles. You may end up with separated abdominal muscles and not even be aware of it.  Pilates is safe and gentle and a well recommended form of exercise after birth. 

I have designed a series of classes to focus on knitting the abdominal muscles back together and building up your deep abdominal (core) and pelvic floor muscles.

Pilates improves your posture, body awareness and flexibility and gives you some much needed time to yourself now life has become even more hectic looking after your new baby (and any other children you may have!). 

Do You Have? 

Do You Want?  

 Good Posture

 Strong Core

 Stable Joints 

 Strong Back

 Strong Pelvic Floor 

 Are You Looking For:

A safecomfortable and fun environment where you can feel relaxed and positive about regaining fitness and confidence in your body? 

A great way to meet other mums who also want to improve their fitness and understand the highs and lows of being a new mum?

As you know, whilst it can be very rewarding, it can also be tough!

Before Your First Class 

Please have a post-natal check with your doctor or mid-wife.  

Assuming you've been given the "all clear" to exercise, the recommended time to start Pilates is:

  •  6 weeks post normal delivery or 
  • 10-12 weeks post caesarian delivery. 

During your first class

During pregnancy, it is common for the abdominal muscles to separate to allow more room for the growth of your baby. 

It is called diastasis recti.  

So at the start of your first class, we check to see if you've got the separation and the width and length of it.  We also discuss whether you've got any problems or pains which have resulted from pregnancy.  I then adapt the exercises to suit your needs. 

Your First Few Weeks  

Within 2-3 weeks you will notice a difference between:

  • what you could do in your first session and 
  • what you can do now. 

Watch and feel your body change as you progress and get stronger! 

Pilates Classes For Post-Natal Mums  


Tuesdays 10.00-11.00 am The Northcote Pub (upstairs room), Northcote Road, Clapham 

Thursdays  2.00-3.00pm Prophysiotherapy, 11 Smith's Yard, Summerley Street, Earlsfield 

You can bring your babies to these classes!

 "Sarah's classes are fantastic.  She is very relaxed and welcoming and it's great being able to take your baby along with you while you exercise.  I wanted to strengthen my core after having my baby, which Sarah's classes have definitely helped with. I really enjoyed feeling that I was able to start getting back into shape after having my daughter without having to worry about childcare."  -- Helen, Postnatal Class, Battersea Rise