Come To A Taster Pre-natal Pilates Class  **£10**

                                   Is your back hurting?  Want to keep your pelvic floor strong? 

                                  Want to Get Your Shape Back More Quickly After Birth?

Pilates For Pre-natal Mums

Why Is It Good To Do Pilates Whilst You're Pregnant?

Your body significantly changes during pregnancy and childbirth.  Pilates can make a big difference to you during and after the birth of your baby. 

Pre-Natal Pilates classes are a great way to help your body deal with the changes you’re going through and prepare you for birth. 

We focus on strengthening and stabilising the core muscles.  

Mums-to-be who regularly exercise their core muscles experience shorter labour and reduced lower back and pelvic pain. Doing Pilates throughout pregnancy helps position the baby for birth and also helps to speed up the process of getting your body back in shape after childbirth.

The exercises are planned around the changing limitations of your body throughout your pregnancy as it progresses and are adapted as you move through the first, second and third trimesters to full term.

What Can I Expect In A Class?

✓  There will be a maximum of 8 mums-to-be in the class, so I can make sure you receive lots of individual attention
✓  We only do exercises that are completely safe for you and your baby
✓  You can attend general classes and follow my adaptations to the exercises, which ensures that all the exercises you do are safe for you and your growing baby, or
✓  You can do a specific Pre-natal class, which is just for pregnant mums.  It can be a great way to meet other mums-to-be to share your pregnancy experience with

Pre-natal Pilates helps you in so many ways:

Boosts your energy
✓ Helps your circulation
✓ Prepares you better for labour
✓ Keeps your pelvic floor and core strong
✓ Speeds up recovery after childbirth to get your pre-baby shape back 

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