Here's what people I teach say about my classes 

Great Pilates class

"Great Pilates class.  I really enjoyed it.  Look forward to the next one". 

 Helen, Balham

Felt relaxed at the same time as exercising

"Your voice was really calming. I felt relaxed at the same time as exercising.

 Lisa, Clapham

Doesn't feel like exercise, yet I'm working hard

"I really enjoy coming to your class as it doesn't feel like exercise, yet I'm working hard" 

 Talia, Earlsfield

Since coming to your classes, the pain has gone

'My back has been bothering me for years, but since coming to your classes, I've found that the pain has gone!"   

 Sally, Balham

It's great being able to take your baby along while you exercise

"Sarah's classes are fantastic.  She is very relaxed and welcoming and it's great being able to take your baby along with you while you exercise.  I wanted to strengthen my core after having my baby, which Sarah's classes have definitely helped with. I really enjoyed feeling that I was able to start getting back into shape after having my daughter without having to worry about childcare."  

 Helen, Postnatal Class, Battersea Rise

I can finally touch my toes, which I've never been able to do!

"I have been going to Sarah’s Pilates classes for 9 weeks now after she was recommended to me. For 18 months I had lower back pain that I was struggling to manage on a daily basis following an accident. My back pain was affecting my work, social life and generally getting me down. Since starting Pilates I have seen a real change in my back pain and can finally touch my toes, which has something that I have actually never been able to do! I am much more flexible and my back pain is now more of a niggle than a daily struggle. I am shocked at how much of a difference Pilates has made to my back. Sarah has a great teaching style and gives different levels of exercises to do, which really helped me in the beginning. The classes also help me to work on other parts of my body - not just my back and also helps me relax. Would definitely recommend!"

 Emma, Earlsfield


You get lots of direction

"Sarah's classes are fantastic! Since starting Pilates I am stronger and more flexible than ever. The classes are small which means you get lots of direction and Sarah is able to correct you if needed. Thank you Sarah!"  

 Charlotte, Wandsworth Common 

Really improved my posture and balance

"I love Sarah's Pilates classes, as she brings so much variety in the different positions which really build up your core strength and fitness.  Pilates for me has really improved my posture and balance, and I feel so much more toned. Sarah's classes are so worth while, I've loved every minute!" 

 Willa, Earlsfield 

The option to have an introductory 1:1 before starting group classes was really helpful

"The option to have an introductory 1:1 before starting group classes was really helpful for me.  I was able to explain my back problems to Sarah, so she could advise me which exercises to do and which to avoid.  So, I already knew before starting classes what I could and couldn't do.  As Sarah knew about my back problem, she could check I was staying at the right levels for me"  -

 Winkie, Wandsworth Common

My back pain is much reduced

"I especially enjoy your classes as they are never boring - exercises are very varied and are aimed at different levels which means that, although I am older and have not been active for a while, I can attempt the higher levels from time to time and give myself a challenge instead of just doing what is easily possible.  I really like your teaching method which is pleasant and helpful and considerate and you notice when we are not aligned correctly and help us to improve. The countdowns on the exercises encourage me to keep going and achieve more than I would have ever expected.  I always feel that I have had a good class and have made an effort and improved.  I found that other exercise classes I went to dragged but yours never do and I can't believe an hour has passed so quickly doing exercise.  My back pain is much reduced.  I really look forward to my class each week".  

 Jane, Over 60s class, Clapham